Belts, ribbons and ropes by INOBELT

INOBELT offers a wide range of belts and ribbons for the industry and for further processing. These include, for instance, shutter belts, carpet binding, hoisting slings, padded straps and restraints. By using different materials, colorations, means of finishing and making up, we are able to customize our belts and ribbons according to your requirements. In case you cannot find a certain belt you require, we are able to help you with a custom-made design at any time.

1. Requirements
By competent and comprehensive advice we are able to turn your requirements for belts and ribbons into production criteria, such as materials, colorations and finishing.
2. Material, coloration and print
During the manufacturing process of our belts and ribbons, diverse materials are utilized. On that basis, all common dyestuff classes and dyeing procedures are applied. Additionally, the finished products can be provided with individual prints.
3. Weaving and braiding
Your conceptions in terms of width, thickness, will be realized by our R & D team.
4. Finishing
In order to adjust the belts and ribbons for their appropriate applications, there are different finishing possibilities. Belts – for example – can be provided with flame-retardant finish, mould-resistant finish, or UV protection.
5. Making up
We make up belts and ribbons according to your demands. The finished products are perfectly prepared for further industrial proceedings. The belts and ribbons can be supplied – for instance – as endless products in cardboard boxes, on rollers or as custom-tailored pieces.
6. Quality control
Before the custom product is released to the production process, our laboratory re-checks if all demands are met and the product complies with your quality requirements.

Woven and braided ropes

We produce woven cords and ropes in addition to conventional braided lines and ropes. Due to the many years of experience of our employees and our modern machinery, we are able to fulfill every customer request. With our customer-oriented thinking, as well as personal consultations, we always guarantee the best service.

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Individial coating and finishing

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