Main types of bonds


The crossing of warps and wefts is called weave.


Plain weave

Plain weave is the simplest and tightest way of crossing yarns, where the warp yarn is alternately running on and under the weft yarn. Both sides of the fabric look similar.

Twill weave

Recognizable by a diagonal ridge of twill which runs the Z-ridge direction (from left down to right up) or the S-ridge direction. The crossing points are staggered laterally. Twill plain weave is scalene. Looser than plain weave. Relatively soft and loose belt with same justifications.

Atlas weave

Also called satin weave. The single crossing points do not touch each other and are evenly spread.



Flat braid

Illustration 1: Flat braid / © TexMind UG
We distinguish between round braids and flat braids.

The picture below shows a flat braid.

There are three primary types of braids.

One over one

Illustration 2: 1 over 1 / © TexMind UG
Plain, diamond, basket, 1:1 Stitch, one over and under one.

Two over two

Illustration 3: Two over two / © TexMind UG
Illustration 3 shows a Two over two bond.

Regular braid

Illustration 4: Regular braid / © TexMind UG
Regular braid, one over two, twill. Can also be one over three (primary type).
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