Weaving is one of the oldest techniques of producing textile fabrics, where at least two yarn systems, a warp and a weft, are being interlaced orthogonally. The fixed warp threads constitute the base frame, while the weft threads are consecutively interwoven from one side to the other across the whole width. The technical term for this product is fabric, a term which comprises drapery (coll. “cloth”) as well as other products like belts, for example.

Narrow fabric looms

The narrow fabric looms of INOBELT are designed for the production of belts and ribbons with a maximum width of 360 mm. Our looms are capable of producing 2 up to 6 belts in one process. The warp threads are led to the loom either by the warp beam or the creel. The weft insertion is carried out by a guide needle from one side of the shed. The weft needle forms loops and intertwines them with an additional crocheting yarn which, in turn, fixes the fabric edge. Our weaving system 5 prevents the belt from being unwound by an additional auxiliary thread.


Braids are fabrics of at least one thread system. The threads crossed at an angle of 40-75 ° in an oblique direction to the edge of the product. There is a distinction between flat and round braids.
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